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Activities in Gerakas

Vasilikos Zakynthos

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BIKING (free upon request)

Vasilikos is well known for its wonderful nature and crystal clear beaches, a unique combination of mountain and sea. A good way to explore it and unleash its full potential is with a bike. Climb hills, cross paths, pass through forests or even discover secluded beaches and maximize the enjoyment of your holidays in Zante.

In Porto Gerakas Villas & Apartments we offer our customers free bikes upon request and availability. Just ask for it!

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SNORKELING (free upon request)

Pavlos, owner of the Porto Gerakas Villas & Apartments loves snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Vasilikos' area and now offers you the ability to enjoy this experience with him. Mediterranean isn't like the tropical seas, full of colorful and spectacular fishes, however it still offers a wonderful marine life. Zante (Zakynthos) is a unique sample of this ecosystem, which you have the ability to explore during your stay.

We organize free snorkeling day trips twice a week. Please express your interest on your booking and take part to the ultimate experience with us.

hiking vasilikos zante zakynthos


Zante (Zakynthos) offers a variety of terrain, varying from steep cliffs and mountainsides to peaceful bays and beaches. Whatever your choice, you will find it easy to explore the area when hiking and enjoy the beauties of the island's nature. There is a plethora of paths in Vasilikos, found in quite a small distance from the Porto Gerakas Villas & Apartments. The most known of them is the Gerakas trail in the Southern of Zante.

We would love to give you all required information upon your arrival to our accommodation facilities.

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CRUISES (extra charge - discount rates)

Zakynthos offers a variety of sights, with the beach of Navagio (Shipwreck) being the most known of them. Blue Caves of Volimes, Keri Caves, Mizithres rocks and amazing secluded beaches are only a few of the things you must visit while on the island of Zante. All of them are only accessible by sea, so a cruise is really worthwhile in order to get an overall impression of the island's natural beauty.

There are many cruising companies on the island with varying rates depending on the duration and type of the cruise you choose. A booking with the Porto Gerakas Villas & Apartments privileges you with special discounts on request.

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