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Health First Policy

Porto Gerakas Villas


Our action plan for the prevention of spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus complies with the rules and directions or the Ministry of Health.

More specifically:

  • Coordinator and responsible for its implementation is Mrs.Konstantopoulou Penelope.
  • Our staff is trained in compliance with the protocol.
  • Cooperation with Medical Care Health Company.


  1. Recognition of a suspected case by hotel staff.
  2. Main symptoms: cough, fever, fatigue, myalgia, shortness of breath.
  3. The collaborating doctor is called for evaluation.

    Evaluation of a clinical picture of a patient by the doctor:

    • Severe clinical picture: the patient is transferred to the Hospital of Zakynthos.
    • Mild clinical picture: the doctor receives a sample, in the room ,for laboratory confirmation of COVID-19. The patient stays in the room until the results are announced.
  4. Case management that was assessed as possible COVID-19: The health care provider communicates directly with the Ministry of Health for the declaration of the suspected case and the taking of treatment instructions.
  5. Confirmed case management: The patient is transferred to quarantine hotel and later to health unit if hospitalization is required.


More specifically for the cleaning and disinfection of the apartments:

  • The apartments will be cleaned after the departure of the client. If the customer wishes to have his apartment cleaned during his stay this will be done by appointment at a specific time that the customer will not be inside.
  • The cleanliness will be done per apartment ; the procedure requires that the bathroom is cleaned and disinfected in the end.
  • Disinfection of knobs, surfaces, switches and electric devices will be performed after the client’s departure.
  • Use of steam cleaner.
  • Use of gloves and mask by the cleaner.
  • Change of towels and sheets will be done every three days.
  • Plastic bags will be provided to the customer to discard the sheets and towels which will be collected by the staff.
  • Plastic bags will be provided for the garbage that the customer will take out and will be collected by the staff.
  • Kitchen towels are not provided, instead disposable paper will be available.

Responsible for coordinating and carrying out this action plan is "Mrs. Konstantopoulou Penelope".

In case of an emergency or for any information you can contact us on: +30 697 2761 560

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Covid-19 Notification

To ensure the health and well-being of our customers and personnel all Health Protocol Measures have been implemented.